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From an early age you could find Josh Trefethen out in the mountains, which surrounded his home. Hiking, skiing, and exploring, along with painting, illustration, and photography, were among his favorite past times. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest just outside of Seattle, Washington, has given Josh experiences that have instilled a deep love and appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

This love of the outdoors is readily apparent in Josh’s work, whether the scene is of the rugged Olympic coast, the slot canyons of the American Southwest, or the quaint streets of a European village. Josh has a unique eye and a talent for capturing beautiful light, and has been honored with many awards of distinction including Best of Show at the numerous juried fine-art expositions he has been invited to attend.

Josh is this year’s Evergreen Artists Association’s Director of the Evergreen Fine Arts Festival, which is having its 50th anniversary this August.