Beth’s photography is simply about the moment and beauty in front of her . . . wherever she may find herself next. Her father gave her a Nikon FE2 when she was 12, over 30 years ago, when he realized she was becoming incredibly fascinated with learning how to use a camera and capture the light. She grew up in Virginia, and studied Studio Art and English at the University of Virginia. Since then, she has lived and traveled around the country, as well as explored Europe and Northern Africa, taking in her surroundings through her camera. Colorado has been home for a total of over 12 years now.

Recently, Beth has been capturing actual snowflakes in the Colorado winter. In the winter of 2010-11, out of four days of beautiful snowflake-producing snowfalls, at her living altitude of 9,000 feet above sea level, only two days produced images that are worthy of sharing.

Sometimes she will find the perfect snowflake, and then another flake will come plowing down out of the sky and knock it over, and the search must continue for another. The snowflakes are rare, and can only be found when the snow is dry. Wet snow just won’t work, making Colorado a wonderful place to find these snowflakes a few months out of the year.

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