James Bohling was born in Hebron, Nebraska, and grew up in Denver, Colorado. He attended Colorado School of Mines. He then completed his education at Texas A&M. Along the way, he made the transition from student to businessman, to flight attendant and finally, artist.

He draws inspiration from his many domestic and global travels. Blessed with wanderlust, he has visited 40 states and almost as many countries.

James prefers acrylic on canvas, but has studied water colors as well as oils. His technique is largely self-taught, as he has enjoyed discovering different mediums and approaches over the last 18 years. He has also received instruction at The Art Center of South Florida and the Arts Student League of Denver.

In his work, James strives to reflect feelings inspired by both color and texture. The interplay between various layers, proportions, and geometry seen in nature are central to his process. Colors that are prominent in places to which he’s traveled also contribute greatly to his aesthetic.

It is not uncommon for James to begin a piece and walk away from it for a period of time. He may have a preconceived notion of what the end result should look like and what palette should dominate, but he returns to each creation and continues to add elements until a singular moment is staring back at him.

James Bohling’s work can be found in private residences and businesses in Chicago, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and the Denver metro area.