Cathy Jones


“I paint in the fascinating medium of watercolor because it is uncontrollable, fluid, and alive. It constantly reveals itself to me in different ways and inspires me to be more creative with color, light, and shadow. I have a deep passion for painting and often lose myself in the zone while creating a piece of art. I never quite know how my painting will play out until I set it aside for a few days. I am often surprised and elated with what has come out of the paper and become my interpretation of a photograph or even an idea in my head. My favorite subjects are the changing aspen trees in the fall and watching the progression of soft colors in the flowers of spring tulips and iris and then the beautiful hues of summer sunflowers, geraniums and poppies. I believe my paintings reveal my inner personality and I love to share them with others and to receive feedback, so that I may constantly grow in my love, appreciation and practice of the creation of art.”


I came to put paint on paper long after having been inspired by the impressionist painters while studying for my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Paris and Grenoble, France. After graduation from the University of Illinois, I married and moved to New England and was immersed in the fine art museums of Harvard College and Boston, MA. Subsequently we moved to Denver, Colorado where we enjoyed the mountains from a distance but could not resist their siren call. So after a few years we moved to Evergreen, an artist community 25 miles west of Denver, situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. During this time I discovered Georgia O’Keefe and fell in love with her sensuous style of painting flowers and southwestern landscapes. I finally discovered my muse was watercolor and decided to concentrate my painting efforts in that medium. I am currently painting contemporary mountain landscapes. I continue to explore the medium of watercolor and it constantly reveals itself to me in different ways and inspires me to be more creative.


Stephen Quiller Workshop, Golden, Colorado

Art Students League, Denver, Colorado
Center for the Arts Evergreen, Evergreen, Colorado – studied with Janet Nunn and Pem Dunn
Grant Ranch, Denver, Colorado – studied with Tanis Bula
Foothills Art Center, Golden, Colorado
Laura Mehmert Fine Art Studio, Evergreen, Colorado
David Cuin Fine Art Studio, Evergreen, Colorado
Susiehyer Fine Art Studio, Evergreen, Colorado
Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado – studied with Boris Shoshensky
University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois – graduated Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of French